Easter Lunch Box Recipe

Easter Lunch Box Recipe

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Easter is just a few weeks away, will you be packing yourself or your child an Easter-themed lunch box? Here is our simple, but delicious recipe for you to follow this March.

Sandwich rolls

Easter snacks


    • 3 slices of bread
    • Butter
    • Ham and cheese slices (or your favourite filling)


  1. Grab your sliced bread and roll it with a rolling pin to make it slightly thinner.
  2.  Next add the filling of your choice and roll up your bread so it creates a roll.
  3. Layer the bottom of your lunch box with salad leaves and add your sandwich rolls on top.
  4. Print out some rabbit ears and decorate your sandwiches with them.


Easter snack box recipe


    • A handful of mini eggs
    • A handful of strawberries
    • A handful of carrots
    • Hummus 


    1.  Fill the middle section of your lunch box with mini eggs.
    2. Cut your strawberries in half and pop into one of the Citron lunch box compartments.
    3. Add in your baby carrots, and fill your sauce pot with hummus for dipping.




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