We’ve teamed up on a limited-edition

We are pleased to announce that we partnered with the world-famous and much loved Sophie La Girafe on a limited edition collection to bring you eco-friendly, stylish products with the Sophie La Girafe signature branding and Citron's quality design.

We hand-picked some of your favorite products and collaborated with Sophie la girafe to bring you a collection which is a perfect blend of world-famous luxury and trusted quality. Already packaged in elegant boxes, ready to be gifted.

Give a truly amazing Christmas gift this year with our limited edition Sophie La Girafe gift set. Must-haves that come wrapped in an elegant gift box and will help your little one through a full day of school by keeping their food fresh. The gift set comes with a roll-up lunch bag, a cutlery set and a snack box all wrapped in a beautifully gift box so you don’t have to worry about that!

Choose from a range of giraffe themed products your little one is bound to love, making those snacks and lunch breaks even more exciting. Items from this collection can be bought separately or bought in our pre-made gift set.

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