Smart QR Technology

What's Smart QR Technology? 

QR technology are a type of barcode that stores DATA. This technology will give you access to specific information when scanned thanks to your smartphone's camera. 

How to use the Smart QR Technology?

Our innovative QR code technology makes it easier to retrieve a bottle if it gets lost. Our 250ml & 350ml water bottles come enabled with a lost-proof technology.

First, you need to register – users need to scan the QR code on the bottom of the bottle. We recommend registering all bottles after purchase.

How to register your device?

Use your smartphone to scan the QR code. Your phone will redirect you to website, where you will be able to add your contact details and register your product.

Once the registration completed, you will receive an email that summarizes and confirms that your Water Bottle is yours 🍋

My Water Bottle got lost, what do I do now?

If a bottle gets lost, the retrieving process is done in all privacy, meaning contact information will only be exchanged if both parties agree. 

If retrieved, the bottle owner will be notified and decide how to move forward with arranging a date and time for collection.