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The essential summer picnic checklist

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When you picture summer what do you see? Sunshine and grass? The seaside and crashing waves? Giggles with grandpa or fun with cousins? We bet for a lot of you, the quintessential summer picnic would also spring to mind. It has to be one of the most fun things you can do during the summer. Spending time getting things ready and heading off on an adventure where kids can eat al fresco style is a true treat.

Whether you are spending your summer holiday nearby home or travelling abroad, there are plenty of options for having a great summer picnic. Perhaps you are heading to a green park in a temperate climate or planning an indoor excursion during the British Summer.

Whatever your situation, hosting a successful summer picnic requires a successful summer picnic checklist. From the right accessories to kids’ water bottles to lunch boxes that keep food fresh, we know just what you will need.

Here is the list you will definitely want to check off to avoid terrors or tantrums:

The right hold-all

As beautiful as a regency-era wicker hamper might be, it just isn’t that practical when it comes to a successful summer picnic. Depending on your desired destination you could find yourself juggling long time periods during which food needs to stay warm or cool so that it is still going to appeal to the family when lunchtime swings around.

picnic bag summer 2022

For this, you need a reliable and durable solution, preferably with in-built insulation, extra storage and a large overall capacity. That is where the new Citron Insulated Picnic Bag from our 2022 Collection is ideal.

The sun cream

Even if you aren’t planning on spending a huge amount of time in direct sunlight, you need to pre apply sunscreen and carry it with you. Protecting against harmful UV rays with a good quality SPF50 can make all the difference for your kids and for you.

Here is a review of some top brands for kids.

The sun hat

Leaving home during your summer break without this can be a disaster. Not only does a sun hat help protect your little one from the heat of the sun, it keeps its rays out of little eyes that are desperate to run around and play. With the right sun hat, your kids will want to keep it on to look cool, and you don’t have to worry about how long they are out in the sunshine for. Make sure to get a wide brim and perhaps even one with a chin strap to avoid it falling off.

The snack box

summer snack box for kids

Now any parent will be able to tell you that a hangry kid is not a fun kid. So it is vital that you make sure to pack enough sustenance for the entire summer picnic or day out. No matter what adventures you have planned, if tummies start to rumble, tears will not be far behind and that doesn’t look good in photos, isn't it?

Make sure you have a range of nutritious snacks that can be dished out at a moment’s notice to keep smiles on faces. You can even use leak-proof, compartment snack boxes for kids to include a variety of flavours to suit every mood.

The water bottle

summer water bottle for kids

No matter where you are headed for your summer picnic, hydration is key. Keeping everyone well-watered throughout the trip, whether you are outside in the sun or running around an indoor play park, will ensure they stay healthy and happy for longer. We have a wide range of water bottles at My Citron, for every age and adults, in a variety of styles.

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