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How to keep lunch warm at work

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The Autumnal and Winter weather is here, and sometimes all you want is a warm lunch to keep you going at work. Hot food not only helps warm you up, but it also helps to boost your metabolism, promoting better digestion and nutrient absorption. Whether you’re working from home and don’t have time to cook, or you’re working from the office and don’t want to buy food out, here is how you can have a warm meal for lunch!

Lunch time ideas

Citron offers both small and large food jars that are perfect for storing soups, pasta dishes, rice dishes and more. Thanks to the jars' triple-wall insulation and leak-proof lid, its vacuum-seals the food inside, keeping it warm for up to 6 hours or cold for 7 hours. Before you add your food to the jar, you will need to follow our instructions to heat it up.

    1. Add boiling water to the food jar for at least 5 minutes and rest the lid on top
    2. Heat up the food you have pre-made or just cooked
    3. Once the 5 minutes are up, drain the water, add the food and close the lid

P.s. More saucy foods such as soups, ramen noodles and saucy pasta dishes tend to stay warmer for longer than more dense food.

Food jar highlights

    • Keeps your food warm for 6 hours or cold for 7 hours
    • Designed with a safety lock and a carrying handle
    • Includes a separator for food portions
    • Lined with a removable silicone lid for ease of washing
    • Has a leak-proof seal
    • Made from stainless steel
    • Vacuum-insulated with a triple wall insulation
    • Citron food jars can be personalised for free

Veggie mac and cheese recipe

Healthy pasta recipe

We love pasta dishes for lunch as they keep us energised throughout the day! If you fancy something a little cheesy, you can make this dish the night before, have it for your dinner and then enjoy it for lunch as well! You might think that macaroni cheese might not be the healthiest lunch recipe ever, but we have added lots of hidden veggies to ours!


    • 2 portions of pasta
    • 1 carrot
    • 200g cauliflower
    • 150g pumpkin
    • 2 tbsp cream cheese
    • 80ml milk
    • 60g cheddar cheese
    • Salt and pepper to taste


1. Cook your pasta according to the packets instructions and set aside.
2. Roast your carrot, cauliflower and pumpkin for around 35 minutes.
3. Add your cooked veggies, cream cheese, milk and cheese to a blender and whiz together until smooth and season with salt and pepper.
4. Add your pasta to your sauce and mix together.
5. Add to your pre-heated food jar and enjoy!

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