Stainless steel : Is it better for kids?

Stainless steel : Is it better for kids?

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Here five top reasons you should go stainless steel

For generations, we’ve been taught that stainless steel is one of the best materials to use when cooking. But what other food-related activities can this magical material be used for? Should you use it for lunchware? The answer is yes, yes you should, and here’s why:

1. It’s less expensive over time

The first thing that might come to your mind is the price. Products made out of stainless steel are not the most affordable in the market. But the slightly higher price will save you serious money in the long run. Stainless steel not only stands the test of time, but also the test of kids playtime! It has many advantages – that we'll go through in a few seconds – but one of them is that it's a one time purchase that you won't regret as they are resistant to corrosion and shocks.

eco staineless steel food jar uk

2. Non-toxic and non-leaching

We’re all seeking safer food storage solutions for our families, stainless steel is an alloy that doesn't contain BPA, lead or PVC. 

Let alone we use it for its food grade properties, stainless steel is widely used in hospitals which is why we are strong believers that it's the perfect material for the family.

3. Much more hygienic

OCD parents, can we see a show of hands? Hot water and cleaning products can eventually cause scratches in plastic, which are hard to clean. Stainless steel keep containers smooth and non-porous as it's hard-wearing and corrosion resistant – hence less opportunities for bacterial contamination.

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4. Kiddie-proof handling

Kids will break anything that gets in their way, so expect no mercy towards water bottles or food jars. Stainless steel is almost impossible to break (unless you’re Hulk) and can be easily opened unlike glass or regular plastic.

5. It’s better for the environment

good for planet material tableware

When it comes to using stainless steel food jars, you’ve got to see it to believe it. Get one and test it out with the kids, we bet you’re just going to love it.

This non-toxic & sustainable material won’t degrade after years of use and dishwashing. Mother Earth will appreciate your efforts to reduce waste and teach kids how important it is, too. Plus, it is 100% recyclable for a zero-waste lifestyle.

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