Personalised gifts for everyone

Personalised gifts for everyone

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Christmas is less than three weeks away, how has time gone by so quickly? If you’re in need of a practical gift this year, you have come to the right place. Citron offers a range of sustainable and eco-friendly meal-time products that can be used by everyone in the family. If you have last minute Secret Santa presents, thank you presents for your boss or presents for your loved ones to buy, Citron is here to help you out. Our products not only prioritise the environment, but also offer complimentary personalisation, providing an added special touch at no extra cost. Let’s jump right in, and have a look at those products that you can add straight to your basket and personalise with their name or a witty saying, the choices are endless!

1. Travel Mugs

Coffee mug

Know anyone that cannot live without a cup of coffee or tea every morning? Citron travel mugs will make great gifts for teachers, colleagues, Secret Santa presents and even stocking fillers. These insulated coffee mugs will keep your drink warm for up to 6 hours, or cold for 12 hours if you prefer an iced-coffee, thanks to its vacuum-seal. What’s even better, you can put the mug into your dishwasher (minus the lid) and it will fit into most coffee machines and car holders.

Citron travel mugs come in a range of different colours and sizes, so there really is one for everyone. If you don’t want to personalise the mug with the recipient's name, there are lots of funny and witty sayings you could add instead! If you need some inspiration, here are just a few of our favourite ones we have seen this week:

  • ‘I bet you think this is coffee’
  • ‘Teaching smiles one lesson at a time’
  • ‘A hug in a mug’
  • ‘I love you a latte’
  • ‘Teacher extraordinaire’ 
  • ‘Ok, but first coffee’
Purchased the mug for my son who has lost numerous mugs/bottles, added his name to make it less likely to lose! great quality products

2. Water Bottles

Tripple-insulated water bottle

Water bottles make an excellent practical gift, as they can be used throughout the whole year, and everyone needs to keep hydrated. On our website, you will find four different sized bottles ranging from 250 ml to 750 ml, allowing you to choose one based on the age of the gift receiver. Although water bottles come in different sizes, colours and patterns they all have the same amazing quality and highlights. All bottles are leakproof and will keep the liquid inside cold for up to 24 hours, no one likes drinking lukewarm water no matter if it's freezing outside! All the bottles also come with a bumper, to help keep the bottle more stable on surfaces and they come with an extra straw and a brush to clean the straws with. You can currently get up to 15% off our water bottles, shop now!

There are just a few differences between the small and large bottles. The smaller bottles are equipped with QR technology at the base. Upon receiving your bottle, you can easily scan the code and input your address. In the event that the bottle is misplaced, anyone can scan the code to access your contact details and return the bottle to you.


One other difference between the small and the large bottles are the lids. The 500 ml and 750 ml bottle comes with two lids, a classic screw-top lid, as well as a lid with a straw for you to sip on. Whereas the smaller bottles only come with a straw lid.


If you’re seeking inspiration, here are some of the favourites we’ve come across recently

  • Because adulting is hard enough without behind dehydrated
  • Sip happens
  • I drink water because I can’t survive on coffee alone…
  • Sippin’ on sunshine and H20
  • Stay hydrated, because being a superhero is thirsty work

I love this water bottle! The quality is excellent and I just can’t keep using it. Love that is so aesthetic!

3. Food Jars

Thermal food jar

Last but not least, we have our magical food jars that will keep your food warm for up to 6 hours or cold for up to 7 hours. Citron food jars come in two different sizes, the smaller food jar can be used for smaller portions of food, weaning food for babies and breakfast on the go. Our larger food jars are great for lunches, meal prepping and for keeping food like soups warm until lunch time. If you’re ever in need of some delicious food jar recipes, make sure you read our blog for some inspiration. The lid on both of the food jars open vertically without the need to twist, making it easier to open especially for younger children. All food jars are very easy to wash, simply remove the silicone lining and wash with warm soapy water!


As always, here is some fun and quirky messages you could add onto your loved ones food jar

  • ‘Insulated container, where my snacks go to hibernate’
  • ‘This jar holds the secret to my happiness, and it’s edible’
  • ‘In a world full of snacks, be someone’s lunch’
  • ‘Lunch vibes’
  • ‘Lunchtime, because hangry is not a good look on anyone

Nice and practical, I use it for snacks and breakfasts


The final date to place your personalised orders with Citron is December the 20th by 1:00pm. Orders received after 1pm will be processed on the 2nd of January 2024 and dispatched asap. This ensures we have ample time to dispatch them to you in time for Christmas! Enjoy your shopping, and we hope your loved ones adore our Citron products as much as we do this Christmas.


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