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Functional & Sustainable Gift Ideas for Christmas 2023

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Have you just started to think about your Christmas shopping list but you don’t really know where to start? If you’re looking for innovative, functional and sustainable mealtime products for all ages, then you have come to the right place. To help you out, without even having to move from your sofa, we have created a Christmas Gift Guide to help you find a number of gifts that will suit each family member or friend. With a wide range of matching sets and a variety of gorgeous prints to suit everyone, enjoy scrolling through this Gift Guide and happy Christmas shopping. 

For the toddler headed to school 

Thinking of gift ideas for Christmas for toddlers and young children can be difficult. As parents, you often don’t want to buy them lots of toys that they will play with for a few hours and then get bored of, so why don’t you think of something practical? A water bottle is a great present because it will help to keep your littles ones hydrated and there are so many different patterns and colours to choose from.

Don’t worry though, if you have bought countless water bottles that always seem to go missing we have found a solution. Citron’s 250ml and 350ml water bottles come with a special feature, each bottle has a QR code located on the bottom of the bottle. When you receive the gift, you can scan the barcode and put your details in, that way when someone finds the missing bottle they can scan the code and retrieve the missing bottle. 

practical xmas present ideas for toddlers

If you want something extra special, a good xmas present idea could be a limited edition collection, such as the Sophie La Girafe X Citron collection. The collection includes an insulated water bottle that will keep your drink cool for 24 hours or warm for up to 12 hours, or a bento box style snack box which has three different compartments. If you are however looking for a showstopper – we have created the perfect gift set which includes a roll up lunch bag, a snack box and a cutlery set all with the Sophie La Girafe signature branding and Citron quality design. Better yet, the gift set comes in a beautifully wrapped gift box, so you don’t have to worry about that!

For the new parent who cares about the planet

If you need some inspiration or gift ideas for a family for Christmas, then why don’t you buy them something eco-friendly? At Citron, we believe that products not only have to be functional, stylish and innovative, but they also have to be environmentally friendly as well, which is why doing our bit for the environment is at the forefront of our minds. The latest tableware collection is made out of 100% plant-based materials which means this collection is biodegradable making it the perfect gift for those with an eco-conscious mind. 

conscious christmas gift ideas 2023

One extra feature that parents will love about the bio-based products is that they are shatter proof! Yes you heard us right! So in case your little one accidentally drops their cup on the floor or even has a temper tantrum and their lunch and plate goes flying in the air, the products will be left in one piece - phew!

For the growing family on the go

What Christmas presents do you get for a family that always seems to be out on exciting adventures? The answer is a present that can be used on the go. To name a few gift ideas for Christmas that you could buy for the adventurous type; a water bottle that can be personalised with their names on it, a thermal food jar that will keep their food warm for 6 hours or cool for 7 hours or even a vacuum-insulated coffee mug that is leak-proof!

practical gift for christmas 2023 uk

If any of those sound like the perfect gift for that special someone, they will also love the versatile and spacious thermal lunch bag, which is such a great gift for those who love the adventure. 

For the teenager with edge

We all know that teenagers can be impossible to buy for, and they often don’t give any ideas on what they want for Christmas! That’s why we think getting them a gift that will help them with their busy lifestyle will be a life-saver for them. At Citron all of our products come in a wide range of patterns and colours to suit everyone's taste. Whether they would prefer a block-colour or if they fancy a patterned one – make sure.

xmas present ideas for teenagers 2023

Check out all of our ranges to find a design that would suit them the most. A few items which we would recommend would be; lunch boxes for teens, a laptop-friendly backpack, an insulated food jar and so much more, happy shopping!

For the young professional or the colleague

professional christmas gift idea 2023

Is your work team taking part in secret Santa this year, but you have no idea what the perfect gift would be? No problem, Citron has a variety of products that would work for any work colleague or young professional. For those coffee and tea lovers that need a pick-me-up before they enter work, you could get them a travel mug that fits in most cup holders and office coffee machines, so they can stay fuelled throughout the day! These vacuum-insulated mugs come in 2 different sizes and 4 different colours that will look stylish in their car or on their desk at work.

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list can be hard, but hopefully this gift-guide has given you a few different ideas. At Citron we have a range of sets for you to shop, whether your little one wants a matching spaceship or unicorn snack box and water bottle, or you want to buy more sustainable eco-friendly products for your friends, there is a gift for everyone at Citron. 

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