Summer to school transition tips

Summer to school transition tips

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In about a month’s time, the glorious summer holidays will come to an end. Parents may find this day exciting as it brings back a sense of routine, but for children, it might feel daunting to adapt to the new schedule again. Saying goodbye to the endless days of fun, freedom and adventure and transitioning to a structured school routine can be tricky. To help your family out, we have a few tips and tricks to help ease them back into school life as well as a list of essential back-to-school products that are a must this September.  

4 steps to ease your children back into a routine

Organise your space

Back to school routine

In preparation for the upcoming school year, it’s time for a clear out. If you have a dedicated space in your house where you like your children to do their homework, it might be filled with outdated books from the previous year and old stationery that no longer works. To help them get excited for a new school year, work together to tidy the room and think of a few new things you would like to add to the room. For instance, if they'll be tackling their times tables, you could consider purchasing a colourful poster to display in their room that will help teach them. Similarly, you could create a range of flashcards to help them with their learning. By decluttering the space and introducing a few new educational elements, you can ignite your child’s enthusiasm for the approaching school term. 

Update your supplies

School stationary

As you organise your children’s homework room, take note of the existing school supplies that are still in good condition and don’t require replacement. Simultaneously, create a shopping list for the items you need to purchase, such as pens, notebooks and folders for your older ones. During the back-to-school season, there are often lots of deals and discounts available, so keep your eyes peeled for discounted stationery. For all of our latest giveaways with amazing brands such as Stabilo stationery, make sure to follow us on Instagram

Review and set goals 

School goals

A great way to start the year off right is to help your child reflect on the previous academic year and identify the areas they want to improve upon. They could set a few realistic academic goals they want to achieve; whether that’s getting their pen licence if they are younger or getting an A in at least 3 of their essays in the first term. Once they have their goal in mind, get them to write it down in a notebook so they can tick it off once they achieve it. Having goals can help anyone to stay focused and if there is a small incentive such as a trip to the cinema at the end of it, they may be even more determined to hit their targets.

Establish a routine

The best school routine

After weeks of endless adventures and perhaps a holiday away, it’s time to help your children get back into the rhythm of a routine. One of the best ways to establish a routine is through their morning and evening routine. During the summer, it is easy to let your children wake up a little later and go to bed a little later because they don’t have something specific like school to wake up for. Gradually start to change their bedtime back to their school time and wake them up earlier so their bodies start to adjust. 

To help them get used to the workload, you can introduce a few learning tasks into their routine such as reading, writing and practising some maths skills they learnt from the year before. Gradually adding a few 15 minute academic tasks into their day will help them when they go back to school and it won’t be such a shock. Remember it doesn’t have to be boring! Baking for example can be a fun and practical way to integrate mathematics into their day. From getting them to measure out the ingredients, to reading the time and working out how long the cookies have to bake in the oven for - it’s all maths!

Back-to-school products

Back to school shopping list

Now we have given you some words of wisdom to help them get back into a routine, the only thing left now is the back-to-school essentials! For our essentials back-to-school list, make sure you read our latest blog. It can be tricky choosing which brands are the best, so here is a run down on a few of our Citron must haves!

Why should I choose Citron water bottles?

Triple insulated water bottles

Hydration for optimal focus

Staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining focus and cognitive function. Citron water bottles make it easy and convenient to stay hydrated throughout the school day, whilst also keeping their drinks cold for up to 24 hours. Citron has a range of 4 different sized water bottles from 250ml all the way up to 750ml for you to choose from. All Citron water bottles can be personalised for free, making them a perfect back-to-school gift!

*Top tip* If your children don’t love drinking their water, you can mix things up by adding natural flavours of fruit to them. By adding slices of lemon, lime, or other citrus fruits, you can enhance the taste and make hydration more enjoyable. 

Still not sure? Here is one of our latest reviews:

These are great for my girls. They each have 2 of these. Very easy to clean and doesn’t leak.

Environmentally friendly 

Not only do our water bottles come in several different patterns and colours for your little ones to choose from, they are also eco-friendly. Citron water bottles are made from stainless steel which is one of the most environmentally-friendly metals, it also means they are highly durable. By opting for a reusable bottle instead of a plastic one, you’re making a positive impact on the environment whilst embracing a healthy hydration routine. 


Citron water bottles are designed to be lightweight and portable, fitting easily into your Citron backpacks. Whether your children are attending classes, engaging in extracurricular activities, or studying at the library, they can take their water bottles wherever they go. Our 250ml and 350ml water bottles also come with a special QR code feature making it easier to retrieve lost bottles. When your bottle arrives, simply scan the code and fill out your details, if someone finds your bottle they can scan the code and find out where to send the bottle back to.

Why are Citron backpacks the ultimate back-to-school choice?

School backpacks

A style for everyone

Citron backpacks have been crafted with our audience in mind. The team knows that not every child has the same taste, that’s why we have up to 12 different coloured and patterned backpacks for your little ones to choose from. Not only are our bags stylish, they can also be matched with our other products to make a Citron collection. Match your cherry roll up bag with your cherry water bottle and snack box and you’re good to go to school!


Backpacks should be able to withstand the demands of daily use. Citron backpacks are made from sustainable PET plastic, which is known for its strength, meaning their school bag will last them throughout the year and longer. The bags have been designed to hold the weight of textbooks, laptops, and other essentials, making them reliable companions throughout the school year.


Keeping your school supplies organised is essential for a smooth and productive school experience. Citron backpacks are equipped with a range of organisational features, including multiple compartments and pockets. These designated spaces allow your younger ones to store their lunch boxes, water bottles and spare clothes. For your teens, our teen backpacks come with a special pocket to store their laptop and space to fill with their books and lunch boxes. With a place for everything, finding and accessing your items becomes effortless, saving you valuable time and ensuring you stay organised throughout the day.

Why should I buy a Citron lunch box?

Big lunch boxes

Innovative design

At Citron, we have 3 different lunch boxes for you to choose from, from our bento-style box to our larger grand lunch box. A special feature of all of our lunch boxes are the different compartments. At Citron we have created lunch boxes with separate sections, so you can add sweet and savoury foods into one lunch box without having to individually wrap each food up or adding them to different small Tupperware boxes. Citron lunch boxes are convenient, light-weight and fit perfectly in our backpacks. 


At Citron we have a range of lunch boxes made from Tritan. Tritan is a heavy-duty food-grade material which has similar properties to glass and is 100% BPA-free. Due to the material that the lunch boxes are made from, it means that they wont stain or retain any odour from different foods that you have previously added in. The lunch boxes also come with a leak proof seal and a removable silicone lining, making them easy to clean and wash. Last but not least, they have been made with shatter-proof material, so they will last your children a long time even if it does get chucked around in their bag whilst at school.


Like all of our Citron products, our lunch boxes can be bought in a wide range of patterns and colours. Whether you have a child who likes a block-coloured design or they want to have a dinosaur pattern, we have them all! 

Transitioning from the carefree days of summer to the structured routine of school can be a challenging process. However, with Citron's eco-friendly products, this transition can become a lot smoother. Make sure to look on our website for any discounts and sales!


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