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Valentine's Day Lunch Box

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There's a love in every bite. As Valentine's Day approaches, what better way to spread the love, than a heart warming Valentine's Day recipe lunch box. From heart-shaped sandwiches to heart-shaped snacks, we have it all. 


Healthy sandwich roll


    • 1 long bread roll
    • Butter
    • Ham and cheese slices (or your favourite filling)


1. Grab your roll and cut it diagonally, so when you put the two cut sides together, it forms a heart.
2. Add butter to your roll and then add your filling of choice.
3. Add your roll into one of the compartments in your grand lunch box.

Caprese salad skewers

Italian salad recipe


    • 3 mini mozzarella balls
    • 3 cherry tomatoes
    • 3 Basil leaves 


1. Get your skewers and add a mozzarella ball to it, and next your basil leaf.
2. Cut your cherry tomatoes in half length ways at a slight diagonal angle. 
3. Pop your cherry tomatoes onto your skewer so the two sides make the shape of a heart.

Sweet snacks

Valentine's day desserts


    • 5 strawberries
    • Vanilla yoghurt (or your favourite)
    • Macaroons


  1. Fill your small food jar with cold water for 5 minutes to make sure your yoghurt stays cool on the way to work or school.
  2. After the 5 minutes are up, pour out the cold water and fill it with your yoghurt of choice.
  3. For your strawberry hearts, you will need to cut them in half length ways down the middle. You will then need to make two small cuts at the tip of your strawberry where the green stalk normally is, and cut out a triangle shape. This will then make a strawberry heart shape.
  4. Add macaroons or your favourite pink sweet treat to one of your grand lunch box compartments.

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