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Which lunch bag is right for you?


Are you looking for the ideal lunch-time bag for your kids or yourself? At Citron, we offer a diverse selection of bags to suit your needs perfectly. From insulated lunch backpacks, to classic lunch bags, our range ensures you’ll find the perfect fit. All of our bags have been designed to keep your food fresh and secure, making them ideal for school, work or picnics. Explore our collection today and discover stylish and functional solutions to make lunchtime a breeze. 

Thermal lunch bag 

Kids lunch bag

This insulated lunch backpack is our smallest mealtime carrying bag, making it the perfect bag for any toddler. Every toddler deserves a reliable insulated backpack to keep their snacks fresh and drinks cool. With timeless designs, it’s the perfect companion for adventures, playdates and preschool days. 

Extra highlights

    • Has two side pockets for water bottles
    • Includes a name tag label
    • Has inner and outer pockets for extra storage
    • Includes back straps & detachable padded shoulder straps to wear cross-body
    • Insulated to keep meals at the perfect temperature

    The lunch bag has been brilliant, a great design with loads of space for all your little ones' fave snacks. Love the two side pockets for drinks and the fact they adjust. Love it.

    Roll-up lunch bag 

    Kids lunch bag

    Our roll-up insulated bag is made of PET recycled plastic bottles, making it not only more sustainable, but also lightweight and easy to carry as a backpack. Our roll-up bags are again most suited for toddlers, and come with an easy open and close button feature. 

    Extra highlights

      • Includes a name label tag
      • Has two side pockets to fit bottles in 
      • Has two adjustable shoulder straps 
      • Lined with food-proof and non-toxic thermal material
      • Includes a detachable shoulder strap 
    Great bag, bigger than I expected, but it can carry a lot food which is great for everyday snacks or for trips.

    Thermal classic lunch bag 

    Thermal lunch bag

    Introducing one of our latest products, the timeless classic lunch bag. This is our smallest lunch bag, as it is designed to carry only your meals and drinks, unlike the others which are designed like a backpack. Citron’s lunch bag serves as an ideal companion for your children’s school lunches, your workday meals, a leisurely picnic or any on-the-go activity. Created with sustainability in mind, it boasts a BPA-free and food-safe thermal lining, guaranteeing prolonged freshness for all of your meals. 

    Extra highlights

        • Has inner pockets for extra storage
        • Suitable for kids 18+ months 
        • Has an easy-carry handle 
        • Comes in 5 different patterns
        • Insulated to keep meals at the perfect temperature

        Insulated lunch bag

        Teen lunch bag

        Our largest lunch bag is perfect for teens and adults who often take their meals on the go. The insulated bag will keep your lunch fresh and chilled until it's finally time to eat. It’s big enough to fit a days-worth of meals, snacks and drinks for those long school and work days. 

        Say goodbye to lukewarm lunches with this reliable solution.

        Extra highlights

              • Has 3 external pockets for extra storage
              • Has a double zip opening
              • Has carry handles as well as a shoulder strap
              • Insulated to keep meals at the perfect temperature
              • You can detach the padded shoulder strap 


            We hope our guide helps you pick the lunch bag that best fits your needs. Whether it's for your child, or yourself, Citron offers a variety of options designed to cater to everyone.

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