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Why a reliable lunch bag is your new best friend

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Whether you’re a busy professional, a student, a fitness enthusiast or you have children, having a reliable lunch bag can make the world of difference in your daily routine. A good lunch bag isn’t just about convenience, it’s a key element in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, saving money, and reducing waste. Here’s why investing in a reliable lunch bag is one of the best decisions you can make.

1.Keeps your food fresh

Citron lunch bags are lined with a food-proof thermal lining, which ensures meals stay fresher for longer and stay at the right temperature. Whether it’s a fresh salad, or a homemade sandwich, maintaining the right temperature helps preserve the taste and safety of your food. If you don’t end up eating everything in your lunch bag, your Citron bag will keep it fresh so you can eat it at a later date.

2.Saves money

If you’re at work or you’re going out for the day, bringing in your own lunch saves you a significant amount of money compared to eating out. The cost of daily coffee shop meals or sandwiches from the supermarket quickly add up. Whereas preparing meals at home is much more economical, and having a reliable lunch bag makes it easier to carry those homemade meals whilst you're on the go.

3.Promotes healthy eating

When you bring in your own lunch, you have complete control over the ingredients and portions. This helps you avoid the high levels of salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats often found in restaurant meals and processed foods.

Which Citron lunch bag is right for me?

At Citron, we have a range of lunch bags that come in different shapes, sizes, colours and patterns! With such a wide range of choice, it can be hard to figure out which one would work best for you. To help you decide, here are all the key highlights of each bag.

Thermal lunch bag

Thermal lunch bag

Our thermal lunch bag is our classic and smallest mealtime carrying bag, the perfect companion for toddlers going into nursery or days out. 

        • Lined with food-proof and non-toxic thermal materials
        • Includes a label with a name tag inside
        • Fitted with 2 side pockets for 2 bottles up to 500ml
        • Inner and outer zip compartments for extra storage
        • Includes back straps and detachable padded shoulder straps
        • Suitable for kids 18+ months 

Roll-up bag

Toddler lunch bag

This insulated school lunch bag, crafted from recycled PET plastic bottles, offers a sustainable and lightweight design that's easy to carry as a backpack. Its user-friendly opening and closing system provides adaptable storage space, making it perfect for everyday use.

      • Lined with food-proof and non-toxic thermal materials
      • Includes a space to write your child’s name
      • Fitted with 2 side pockets for 2 bottles of up to 500ml
      • Includes back straps and detachable shoulder straps to wear it cross-body 
      • Suitable for kids 18+ months 

Classic lunch bag

Thermal lunch bag

Our insulated Classic Lunch Bag is the perfect companion for any on-the-go adventure, whether at school, work, or on a family outing. Designed with sustainability in mind, it features a BPA-free, food-safe thermal lining to keep meals fresh longer. An inside pocket offers extra storage for small items, and the easy-carry handle makes transport effortless.

      • Lined with food-proof and non-toxic thermal materials
      • Has inner compartment for extra storage
      • Easy carry handle
      • Hold 1 x Citron lunch box, 1 x 350ml water bottle, 2 x reusable sandwich bags and 1 x cutlery sets

Lunch bag

Teen lunch bag

Our Insulated Lunch Bag is a last-all-day insulated meal-carrying bag that keeps lunch fresh and chilled until it’s finally time to eat. It’s big enough to fit a day-worth of meals for those long days at work or at school. This lunch bag is perfect for older children and adults and comes in two different colours.

      • Water-proof material to avoid leakage from the inside
      • Made with food-proof and non-toxic thermal material
      • Fitted with 3 external pockets for extra storage
      • Detachable padded shoulder straps for comfort 
      • A handy double zip opening 



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