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Lunchbox Planner - Free Download

Simplify lunch planning with our Free Weekly Lunch Planner, ideal for effortless meal organisation and creative ideas. Tailored for the 4 Compartment Tritan Lunch Box and Grand Lunch Box, it easily adapts to any 4-compartment bento-style lunch box. This user-friendly planner encourages family involvement, empowering even little ones to plan their lunch with your guidance.

Here's how you can have a stress-free and delightful lunchtime experience:

1. Download and print.
2. For each day, jot down food items for each compartment. You can get creative with a variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, and snacks. 

How it works?

Getting your hands on our exciting free content is a breeze. Follow these four simple steps.

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  • 4. Download and print

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A star pupil from day one!

From responsible backpacks made from PET recycled-bottles where children can store their meals and books, to lunch storage solutions that keep food mix-free, we have everything a child needs for the year ahead.

Get the little ones ready for the first day of school with our perfect Back to School Sets