Here's why you need an insulated food container

Here's why you need an insulated food container


If you’re new to the Citron team, then hello! We have a range of eco-friendly mealtime products for everyone in the family and for every occasion. One of our most innovative and must-have products has to be our insulated food jars. Our food jars are made from stainless steel, come in two different sizes and will keep your food warm for up to 6 hours, or cold for 7 hours, depending on what food you add into it. Let’s jump right in and explore the reasons why you should add a food jar into your basket today. 

1. Temperature regulation

Our food jars will keep your food warm or cold for extended periods of time. This feature is especially useful for maintaining quality whilst you’re on the go. To keep your food warm, all you have to do is add boiling water to your jar, pop the lid on and wait at least 5 minutes for it to warm it up. Pour the water out of the jar, add your hot food in and close the lid. You can then enjoy a warm meal once you get into work, or out on your picnic. Alternatively if you want to keep your food cold, simply add your food to the jar and you're good to go. To seal the food in, we’ve equipped our jars with leak-proof lids which are very easy to open and close.

    2. Cost savings

    By bringing your meals from home instead of buying them from restaurants or cafes, you can help you save a significant amount of money in the long run. Whether you’re commuting into work or travelling, take your own food in your Citron food jar for convenience and cost saving. The food jars are also made from stainless steel, ensuring their durability and longevity. Investing in a good quality container means you’ll have a reliable option for transporting food on the go for many years to come.

    3. Healthier eating

    When you have access to your own food throughout the day, you’re more likely to make healthier choices and avoid fast food or unhealthy snacks. As we have two different sizes of food jars, the small one can be used for snacks and on-the-go breakfast recipes such as overnight oats and our large one can be used for lunches.

    4. Environmental benefits

    Using insulated food containers helps to reduce the need for single-use packaging, such as disposable takeout containers or the packaging that a supermarket meal deal comes in. This practice contributes to reducing waste and reduces the environmental impact associated with single-use packaging.

    5. Versatility

    Citron’s insulated food jars are suitable for carrying an array of different meals in, which means you can never get bored of taking your lunch into work or school. Its leak proof lid means you can store any foods such as soups, salads, pastas, noodles, porridge and snacks into the jar for any occasion. 

    If you’re now looking for recipe ideas to fill your food jars - look no further! Here are some delicious breakfast recipes and lunch time recipes for you to try this year.


      • Vacuum-insulated with a triple wall insulation
      • Food stays warm for 6h and cold for 7h
      • Stays cool on the outside, no matter how hot or cold is its content
      • Keeps the lunch bag dry and clean with its leakproof seal
      • The lid opens vertically without the need to twist, making it easy for small hands.
      • Lined with removable silicone lid for ease of washing
      • Comes in a 250ml size and 400ml size
      • Suitable for kids 18+ months and adults


    I just love everything about this product, it keeps food hot for a while and is easy to open for my little one.


    Overall, insulated food containers offer convenience, cost savings, and health benefits while also reducing environmental impact. Having one can enhance your mealtime experiences and encourage healthier eating habits, making it a worthwhile addition to anyone's kitchen cupboard.

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